BVT Housing AssociationIntegrator, the stock asset management software from Integrator Housing Solutions (IHS), has helped social landlord Bournville Village Trust (BVT) to win the National Housing Maintenance Forum award for best use of IT.

The award submission focused on the efficient and effective use of IT and systems to deliver improvements across the organisation, with a particular reference to improving Customers’ homes.

But it was one of the key features of Integrator – its redistribution of costs within a 30 year investment programme – and the way it was used by BVT, which clinched the award.

For Steve Fellows, head of BVT’s Asset Management Team, this is a key element of the software: “The use of integrator now enables BVT to plan maintenance and repair of our properties over a 30 year lifecycle. This foresight means Customers are aware of when works are due on their homes, avoiding the need for them to invest in redecoration unnecessarily.”

He added: “As a social landlord, BVT understands the importance of investing in systems that will benefit the entire organisation. Integrator provides additional benefits to other parts of the Trust that help inform the investment decisions of the Trustees. It is this innovative use of IT that resulted in BVT’s Asset Maintenance Team being awarded first place.”

Integrator, which BVT has used since 2003, is used by many social housing landlords as a comprehensive, user-friendly, ‘all in one’ asset management system. Designed in association with maintenance and housing professionals, it provides performance indicators, maintenance cost profiles, and management reports at different levels of operational detail.

Integrator can also assist with the monitoring of the Decent Homes Standard, HSG 264 Asbestos regulation, as well as Energy Efficiency ratings.

Vic Harrison, Chairman of IHS, said: “BVT’s award success is the perfect example of how Integrator can work in practice to help manage social landlords’ housing stock. It allows them to make informed decisions and long-term plans with minimum disruption for the occupants.”

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