Managing and maintaining housing stock is a vital role for housing associations and landlords alike – and ensuring this is done in the most efficient and productive manner is paramount.

Providing respectable and affordable homes requires both sound business planning combined with the developing of new and creative approaches to managing assets.

With so much to juggle, such new and creative approaches can provide you with the helping hand you need to get ahead, particularly if you’re currently struggling to manage your complex housing operations successfully.

From overseeing large and multiple contracts, to managing repairs and maintenance as well as handling best practice procurement, Asset Management Software (AMS) can help you to stay in control and keep your housing assets in good condition.

Our latest article covers all the key benefits to be gained from Asset Management Software, and how it can help you to manage and maintain your housing stock. Find out more below…


The Key Benefits of Using an AMS to Manage your Housing Operations

Every business has assets, whether they are buildings, vehicles, office equipment or machinery, and these assets must be managed efficiently to sustain a business’s operations and guarantee a return on investment.

Today’s business environments depend on software to function both efficiently and securely, particularly when it comes to managing stock and assets. The social and private housing sector is no exception to this. So, what type of software can help? Well, Asset Management Software (AMS) is designed to give an all-inclusive view of your organisation’s asset holdings, providing a full solution for many housing associations, local authorities and contractors.

Your properties are one of the main elements of your business, therefore this is an area that requires your closest attention. Asset Management Software enables you to focus your attention where it matters most. It’s a means of managing your properties more effectively – a goal that most organisations strive towards. By choosing the right Asset Management Software, you can track all your property data and legislative compliance at the touch of a button. So, what other benefits can be gained from using AMS?


Business Benefits of Asset Management Software:


  • Duty of Care

    An AMS solution should enable you to store each of your hazard records safely, such as asbestos or health and safety ratings, so when you need to access them and present them directly to the operative, you can. Having the facility to manage your duty of care responsibilities more efficiently means tasks can be dealt with quicker and needn’t take up endless amounts of time.

  • Maintenance Management

    Once a property has been acquired, it begins its useable lifespan. During this time, it’s essential to keep track of the condition of the property. A systematic and scheduled maintenance plan must be in place to ensure that the asset is always in its best condition and to highlight any potential areas of improvement. This keeps the total costs of ownership (TCO) low and extends the property’s lifespan. With Asset Management Software, you can keep track of important data such as its renewable components and maintenance cycle data to ensure your maintenance programs run as smoothly as possible.

  • Control Costs

    AMS allows all renewal costs to be monitored at project level and analysed down to component level as required. It gives you the ability to program expenditure years ahead of time, potentially up to 30 years, often with the added feature of a smoothing tool to even out peaks and troughs, enabling you to balance budget and expenditure.

  • Access to All Information

    Asset Management Software has the scope for you to hold a comprehensive asset management database within it, allowing documents and other project information to be stored and accessed from a single place, such as the recording of property and tenant data and detailed inventories of property assets.

    Not only does such software have the capacity to hold all of your most crucial data in one place, it enables you to locate it simply with easy to use navigation, so you can locate the key data you require as and when you require it.

  • Shared Data

    Gain central visibility and know what is happening with your contracts at all times. Closely monitor contractual data and gain an accurate picture of your properties, all via a centralised software suite. Enable multiple team members to add to or access the shared data, whether they be in the office or on the road. An AMS can ensure your assets are closely integrated with job and maintenance cycles, so you can ensure no jobs remain outstanding and all compliance requirements are met.


Better Efficiency through New Innovations…

With the difficulties of complex task structures and the requirement to continuously deliver more cost-effective services within the housing sector, it’s no wonder managers and their teams are feeling the pressure. So, what can you do to help ease it? Have you thought about gaining better efficiency through new innovations?

Integrator is an Asset Management System for housing associations, social landlords and local councils. It has been developed in association with maintenance and housing professionals and features many advantages such as getting better business insight, driving growth, saving costs, and better managing your programs. If you’d like to find out more or arrange a demo please get in touch with us at Integrator Housing Solutions.