We have just come to the end of our most recent User Groups Day, held at the lovely Woughton House Hotel in Milton Keynes. Many of our loyal customers came along to catch up, gain new insights, learn about new software developments and ask questions. We like to think of it as a combination between a training day and a spot of networking. 

User Groups are very important in our industry especially for the social housing sector; for several reasons. Firstly, it is the only time my team gets to meet our clients face to face and visa versa, and this helps to build a strong personal relationship between staff and customers.

We sell and build relationships with people, not companies.

Secondly, we our clients to be able to put a face to the names and the voices on the end of the telephone. They need to feel secure that our software, and the people behind, will be around for the long-term future. And that we are continually improving and developing this software to make their lives easier and more efficient. 

And lastly, they need to know that this is their User Group to come and get to know us and give us feedback on how we are developing the software to meet their particular requirements.

This time we showed and provided them with the latest updates to the software we had discussed last year and the previous 12 months. We get their feedback on these updates to make sure it is what they require. And we have a question and answer session to get their feedback of what they think we should be developing in the system going forward.

We find in the social housing market that there is a large turnover of staff and many of the people coming to each User Group Day are new to us and Integrator, so we need to start to cement a relationship with them. Because the level of knowledge of attendees is therefore vastly different, some will be expert users, and some will be new users with variations in between. We therefore gauge the level of training from the ongoing questions we get from delegates throughout the day.

It is always an incredibly interesting day. One where we are continually taking notes and making reminders for ourselves based on the feedback and discussion that the day is producing. And from a personal note, it’s a great chance for my team to come together, socialise and catch up in person. It makes me feel very proud to see everyone in a room together enjoying each other’s company and working towards a common goal for Integrator and our clients. A huge thanks to everybody who came along!