Paul Harrison, Managing Director of  our sister company, Integrator Drone Services ( explains how Drone surveying is the latest technology to empower stock condition assessments and support both surveyors and asset managers in their day to day work.

Scaffolding, ladders, cherry pickers – these are all words which instil fear into the minds of health and safety managers. But they’re necessary pieces of equipment for completing full maintenance and repair schedules on buildings and property portfolios – or are they? What if you could assess the state of a property’s roof from the comfort of your own desk? Drone surveying is the most exciting, efficient and effective technology to hit the housing industry this decade.

So how could you integrate drone technology into your day to day work?

Roof Inspection 

Drone photography and videography is the safest and most cost-effective way to inspect the condition of a property or building’s roof. The latest drones use high-definition 4K cameras to provide clear and detailed, aerial bird’s eye view photographs and enable them to pin-point specific areas in need of repair. They can spot cracked and missing tiles, broken or clogged guttering, damaged chimneys, disintegrating slates and storm damage. And with excellent zoom qualities they can reach areas which are often inaccessible to a human being.

When these photographs are combined with aerial measurements, you’re not only able to see the problem, but also know exactly where it lies. That means if you do need scaffolding to fix the damage, it only needs to be erected in a small area. Saving you more money and time.

drone roof inspection

Thermal Surveying 

But it’s not only photographic cameras that can be carried by a drone, you can also attach thermal cameras in order to reveal insulation deficiencies, damp and water ingress, air leakage and electrical defects. The cutting-edge technology provides critical insights into areas of damage and energy inefficiencies within roofs and high walls; detecting even the most subtle inefficiencies or indications of moisture intrusion. Combined with a handheld thermal camera, the two at once can provide an incredibly in-depth survey of an entire building. Providing up to date, practical and constructive data to work with.

3D Modelling

A 3D model of a property provides a powerful marketing tool. They are stunning to look at and incredibly revealing. Giving visitors or prospective buyers a greater understanding of a site; as well as informing decision making and helping to visualise any changes and improvements.

Is your drone pilot fully qualified and insured?

Your drone survey process should be managed from start to finish, following strict and detailed planning and preparation guidelines which ensure everything your pilot does adheres to current legal requirements; whilst also maintaining the privacy and safety of your clients as paramount. Look for the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) qualification and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certification before employing anyone. And always ask for proof of insurance to ensure the company you employ are covered in any eventuality. 

Understand the process

Drone surveying is more than just flying a drone. Pilots have to perform a number of pre-flight surveys and assessments to ensure that where and when they are flying is safe, legal and ethical. This needs to be done both before the flight day and on the day itself. Using a drone company enables you to handover this process and reduce your administration load.

Whether the weather

Rain and snow can stop play when it comes to drone surveying. Your drone pilot should work with you to assess long range weather conditions and attempt to pick a day when there is more certainty over weather conditions. But you will have to remain flexible and know that the flight day could change at the last minute, particularly if there are high winds. Any drone pilot will understand this and work to a flexible schedule to enable your survey to be done as quickly as possible providing new dates and being as accommodating as possible to your schedules. `

Alert property owners

We have all heard the negative news surrounding drones. They can cause huge problems, particularly close to airports, and therefore people are wary of them. The right drone company will know exactly whose permission you will need to gather in order to legally fly. Therefore make sure whoever you choose to complete your drone survey works with you to ensure, no matter how many households you look after, everyone is kept informed and stays comfortable about your decision to use drone technology.

Look for expertise in your industry

A lot of people have turned to drone flying as a quick way to make money. Look for a drone pilot with experience and expertise in the industry you work in to ensure they understand your requirements and needs.

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