Juliet Drewett
Juliet DrewettClient Account Manager
Juliet brings with her an extensive background in commercial diligence, process improvement, client engagement and sales and marketing. For the last year Juliet has been developing one of Europe’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) and LoRaWAN technology companies. This involved the setting up of the business, account management and sales and marketing, with exhibitions across the UK and Europe. She excelled in ensuring clients successfully adopted and felt comfortable with the new emerging technology – as such the role at Integrator was ‘right up her street’.

What attracted you to the role of Client Account Manager with Integrator?

“I love the housing industry and wanted to stay in this sector. I have vast experience in Account Management, and felt this was a role which I could really enjoy and make a difference in.”

Why were you looking for a new job? 

“Since August last year I have been assisting my husband in developing one of Europe’s leading IoT and LoRaWAN technology companies. It reached its next development stage and so I was able to confidently move on.”

What experience do you have that you hope will be transferable to this role?

“I have years of experience in commercial diligence, process improvement, client engagement and sales & marketing.”

Can you tell us a little about your last role and what was so interesting about it that led you here?

“My last role with Concept13 was concerned with advancing and driving sales by leading on the design of European-wide exhibitions and events, supplying and configuring the latest LoRaWAN technology, and ensuring clients successfully adopted and felt comfortable with this emerging new technology. As such moving into the role with Integrator was right up my street!”

What was the first task you turned your attention to at Integrator?

“As well as ‘integrating’ myself with the lovely staff here at Integrator, and learning about all their lovely clients, I immediately set up a Marketing Team to engage with our existing and new clients. We looked how we could reach them via newsletters and social media, and how, going forwards, we could ensure they had all they needed in client care and training.”

How do you hope to shape and mould your role?

“This can be quite an organic process, but for me it’s all about engagement with stakeholders – the clients, our service providers and the amazing Integrator team who are passionate about what they do. It’s also about what new avenues could benefit from our wonderful products, and to bear in mind our current global crisis and how we’ll adapt to changing markets and customer requirements.”

How can you help our clients to make their lives easier?

“Engage, engage, engage and importantly…then listen.”

What’s your first year goal?

“Ensure I have the best relationship I can possibly have with our clients – I hope to go and physically see them at some stage. Just to note I love a cup of tea and a biscuit! And to be the best I can be at my job, which I already love!”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“To continue working with the lovely people at Integrator, and develop the relationships I‘ve already started to make with customers. And on a personal level, being able to safely see my family and friends again properly! As we all do I’m sure.”