The Comprehensive Gas Safety Manager

Designed to integrate with your gas contractors’ procedures and keep full auditable records, integrator Gas Safety Manager ensures that you keep on top of the legislative requirements and keeps all the records required at your fingertips.

Gas Safety Manager can automate your escalation procedures in properties where the contractor has failed to gain access and can be customised to match exactly your organisation’s access procedures.

If you are struggling to manage your gas checking responsibility, then integrator Gas Safety Manager can take the strain.

Key Features

  • Updates are provided by your Gas Safety contractor(s)
  • Warnings of inactive dwellings (FailSafe)
  • Automatically manage your procedure for gaining access
  • Automatic ‘roll-over’ of completed inspections


Key Benefits

  • Overdue list significantly reduced – to zero!
  • Have the history of each dwelling at your fingertips
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of missed dwellings
  • Significant reduction in administration time and costs
“Before we stared using IHS Gas Safety Manager, we devoted 7.5 man days per week to manage our Gas Certification programme, with an ever present non compliance or overdue figure of 2%. Despite our stock increasing to nearly 7500 properties (+25%), by using Gas Safety Manager we have managed to reduce the process to 5 man days per week. Gas Safety Manager has enabled us to use our resources more effectively and allows us time to proactively target the more difficult cases and to achieve 100% compliance. Sentinel, integrator and Sentinel’s Termed Gas Contractor have also worked closely together to link the contractor’s IT system with Gas Safety Manager. This has enabled a quicker and more efficient transfer of data between Sentinel’s and the contractor’s IT systems.”
Richard Hall, Building Services Engineer at Sentinel Housing Association