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Specialist courses, for you or your team, to give you the confidence, competence and clarity at work. You’ll develop your housing, surveying or asset management skills drawing on Integrator Housing Solutions’ 24 extensive years across the industry.

Who will benefit from our courses?

Registered providers (RPs) of social housing must meet certain economic and consumer regulatory standards. They must ensure assets are maintained in a habitable condition and that they have the financial means in which to do so. This requires maintaining a thorough, accurate and up-to-date record of assets, and financial liabilities.The Housing Regulator, through an In-Depth Assessment (IDA),will seek assurance that providers understand their assets and liabilities, and security position. Integrator Housing Solutions can assist RP’s by providing an Asset Management System to collect, store and process asset data to provide this assurance. To help you gather and process accurate and robust asset data, IHS now offers the following training courses, focusing on improving industry skills and best practice. Our courses are delivered by an experienced asset management and property maintenance practitioner and will help you identify key issues together with developing your skills and understanding.

Our Courses

stock condition surveying course

Stock Condition - Best Practices

1 Day / Virtual (C211)

This course explores the main considerations when contemplating commissioning new stock condition surveys, equipping you with a strong approach, to provide the best outcomes for your organisation.

creating a survey design

Mastering Survey Designs

1 Day / Virtual (C213)

Using Integrator Housing Solutions’ software, this course develops user skills and provides the necessary understanding to create new survey designs, edit existing survey templates, and create new components and custom questions. It enables office staff to be confident in their management of survey projects.

works programmes training course

Effective Works Programmes

1 Day / Virtual (C214)

Using Integrator Housing Solutions’ software this course develops user skills and provides the necessary understanding to create new planned maintenance programmes, smooth survey data using program analysis function and further explore reporting.

surveying courses

Superior On-Site Surveys

1 Day / Face to Face (C212)

Using the mobile Notus Pocket Surveyor software, this course will ensure each surveyor has the skills and confidence to complete surveys using a handheld device and remotely send collected survey data and photographs back to base. The course includes on-the-ground support during a live site survey.

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