The Comprehensive Housing Asset Management System

Integrator has been developed in association with Maintenance and Housing professionals and provides performance indicators, maintenance cost profiles, and management reports at different levels of operational detail. It gives you the ability to program capital and revenue expenditure for up to 30 years, and incorporates a smoothing tool to even out peaks and troughs enabling you to balance budget and expenditure.

Regardless of the size of your housing stock, we have a product to suit your needs.

Integrator gives you the ability to…

Carry out more efficient surveying

Manage your capital and revenue expenditure

Even out your expenditure peaks and troughts

Features at a glance

The powerful, easy and affordable Asset Management System


Customisable survey designs (stock condition, asbestos, DHS, HHSRS etc.)


Robust, industry standard database storage (inc. data-linked images)


Legislation compliance (DHS, RDSAP, Asbestos, user-dened standards)


Issue full Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and lodge with UK Register


Extensive and customisable reporting suite


Measurement against a wide range of KPIs


Take control of planning and budgeting of maintenance programs


Increase efficiency by automating routine administrative tasks

Easy to implement. Easy to use.

Why Integrator

The leading Asset Management Software for Housing Professionals


Integrator is simple to use. It’s flexible, and works seamlessly to fully comply with legislation ensuring you can stay focused and organised.


Integrator is powerful. It changes the entire management of assets from a time consuming, labour intensive and stressful process into a planned, structured and visual way to be on top of your stock portfolio.


And finally, Integrator is affordable and just a fraction of the cost of the competition. Pricing is per property or on a month-to-month basis so you’re never trapped in a long term contract. We offer fantastic customer support so you can be worry-free knowing we’ve got your back.

“integrator now enables BVT to plan maintenance and repair of our properties over a 30 year lifecycle so benefitting our customers who are aware of when works are due on their homes, avoiding the need for them to invest in redecoration unnecessarily.”
Head of BVT’s Asset Management Team, Bournville Village Trust (BVT)
“We have been users of the Integrator and Pocket Surveyor software for the past 12 years, and we find this to be an incredibly flexible and user friendly system. We use the system in conjunction with a number of ecmk Integrator users and we have also used Integrator and Pocket Surveyor for our own purposes, where the asset management database was not dened.”
Matt Meehan, Partner, Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP
“The use of integrator within our organization, has enabled us to use the Improvements Module to evaluate energy improvement options of our stock and implement our asset management strategy effectively and effciently.”
Shabir Shivji, Property Services Director, West Kent Housing Association

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