Retrofitting for Decarbonisation

Councils and Housing Associations have a vital role to play in driving the delivery of energy efficient social housing

Retrofitting provides warmer, better ventilated homes that add to both tenants and the environment’s health.

Retrofit measures for Councils and Housing Associations on the path to decarbonisation and net zero can include:

  • installation of loft or wall insulation
  • double or triple glazing
  • replacing an existing gas boiler with a ground or air heat source pump
  • installation of solar panels
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Why Retrofit?

  • The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe, and it’s estimated that 26-28 million homes in the UK will need to undergo some kind of retrofit activity to become more energy efficient by 2050.
  • There are 4 million social housing homes in the UK, and it’s estimated that 1.6 million of these properties are currently below EPC Band C.
  • These challenges are exacerbated by both the scale of the task and the diversity of social housing portfolios, which within local areas can range from individual historic street properties to large housing estates.

The Challenge for Retrofitting

  • Social housing retrofit is centred on data, and understanding stock portfolios will be key to any successful project.
  • Stock condition surveys will show social landlords what measures are necessary or suitable for their properties, and how much the work will cost.
  • There are 3 core elements to decarbonising existing dwellings:
    ◦ reduce energy consumption
    ◦ reduce energy demand
    ◦ install low-carbon heating
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Energy Toolkit

The Solution for Retrofit Success 

  • Our Energy Toolkit will aid retrofit coordinators in delivering their retrofit strategies. Listing the right energy efficiency measures to install in the right order, and at what cost.
  • Our Energy Toolkit also includes the Energy Output Report which contains the heat demand /m² figure required by retrofitters, the RdSAP key data report together with a batch update of stored RdSAP information to reflect completed retrofit works.
  • Our Notus Pocket Surveyor collects both stock condition and RdSAP data

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