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The ultimate survey module for mobile devices

Integrator’s intelligent Notus Pocket Surveyor, a companion product to Integrator and Integrator Plus, enables rapid data collection and access to the latest information on housing stock from a mobile device.


Using Notus, housing officers, contractors, and surveyors can access Integrator – the most comprehensive, user-friendly solution for property asset management – whilst on the move.


  • Improves the speed, accuracy and consistency of stock condition surveys
  • Allows fast access to survey results from the central database
  • Internet connection only required for upload/download
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  • Ensures decisions on site are based on the most up to date information
  • Features on-site RdSAP data collection with PCDF boiler search for more accurate SAP ratings in Integrator
  • Compatible with device voice recognition software to assist in recording evidence notes


  • Support for Android and iOS devices
  • Wide range of survey data supported: General property attributes, Stock condition, RdSAP, HHSRS, DHS, SHQS (Scotland), Asbestos.
  •  Timestamp recording
    (incidents of no access/abandonment)
  • Unlimited free text evidence notes can be recorded against each component or question


  • Enables survey data, notes and photographs to be imported in one simple synchronisation process
  • Unlimited photographs can be taken and automatically linked against each survey component or question
    Incorporates Integrator’s fully customisable survey designs (Disrepair, HHSRS, Dilapidation, RdSAP, Fire Safety)
  • Optional levels of data validation before sign-off
  • Incorporates Integrator’s full survey history tracking and reporting

“For the last five years, we have utilised the synchronisation functionality of Integrator’s Notus to remotely project manage our teams, enabling them to carry out stock condition, RdSAP, HHSRS SHQS and DHS surveys.

“With over 10,000 surveys now completed we have found the system to be extremely user-friendly, flexible, and entirely reliable. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this system to anyone.

“Technical support has been first class and we have been able to accommodate all of our surveying needs, including user-defined customisation to collect intrusive fire safety data, record photographs and produce resultant actions.

“Notus has resulted in increased surveyor productivity, but more importantly provided the highest levels of data accuracy and quality photographs seamlessly.”

Glen Vardy

Roberts Vardy Associates

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