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Your cloud-based integrated energy efficiency evaluation solution

Includes the Energy Efficiency Targeting Tool and Improvements Tool

Energy Efficiency Targeting Tool

  • Uses UK Government’s RdSAP methodology
    (includes full RdSAP module)
  • Set energy efficiency rating targets
  • Review which RdSAP improvement measures are necessary to achieve specific rating targets
  • Find gaps in data and pinpoint problem assets
  • Analyse aggregated improvement costs and customise them for each improvement type
  • Enter in your own more accurate costs, rather than relying on the RdSAP defaults

Energy Efficiency Improvements Tool

  • Evaluate a proposed package of measures for specific energy efficiency improvements, for example:
    ◦ Applying wall or roof insulation
    ◦ Improved heating appliances or fuel changes
    ◦ Installation of heat pumps
    ◦ Installation of photo-voltaic (PV) systems
  • Evaluate the impact of specific energy efficiency works programmes
  • View before and after results without affecting existing saved data
  • Include energy efficiency installation costs

Measure and manage your assets on the path to Net Zero

Our Energy Toolkit can be added to our existing Integrator Plus asset management solution, or purchased separately and used as a standalone product. It can work seamlessly with your software via our integrated Data API.


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