About Us

Over 21 years leading the way in Asset Management software development

When you come on board with Integrator Housing Solutions you get the best of both worlds. Over the last 21 years, we have grown into a dynamic, technology-led company that’s leading the way in asset management software development. But we haven’t forgotten our family-business roots. A combination that means we’re incredibly proud of our customer service and personal touch.

That’s why we’re confident enough to be able to say that we can genuinely work with any size of housing association, organisation, charity, consultancy or not-for-profit. If you manage housing stock, whether that be a small almshouse or tens of thousands of tenanted properties, you’re in the right place.


What We Do

We provide the tools to enable you to manage, maintain and budget for your housing stock. No matter whether you’re looking at dozens or tens of thousands of properties.


Our Approach

We’re a unique combination of dynamic tech-led company with customer-centric service giving you the best of both worlds. Access to next-generation software with the support and guidance you need to make it work effectively and efficiently for your organisation.


Our Mission

To provide asset management software that enables you to do your job to the highest standards. To plan and predict the future of your housing stock thereby giving your tenants confidence in you to provide comfortable, high standards of living.

Meet Integrator Housing Solutions

Our Founders

Vic Harrison

Vic is the Founder and Chairman of Integrator Housing Solutions. His extensive background in the industry started in 1990 at the National Energy Foundation. 

Alan Horton

Together with Vic, Alan is responsible for the founding of Integrator Housing Solutions. Whilst Vic worked at the NEF, Alan was over at the Milton Keynes Energy Park.

Our Management Team

Helen Harrison

Helen Harrison

Managing Director

Helen’s extensive experience includes 13 years as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Oxfam GB and 5 years as Housing Manager at Bristol Charities, responsible for the maintenance of 6 almshouses.


Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

Director of Energy Surveying

Our Director of Energy Surveying, Paul Harrison is one of the most qualified and experienced energy assessors in the country. 

Mike Hartney

Mike Hartney

Chief Technical Officer

Mike has been with Integrator from the start, and is now Chief Technical Officer responsible for our software development team.

Juliet Drewett

Juliet Drewett

Head of Client Accounts

Juliet heads our Client Accounts. She has an extensive background in commercial diligence, process improvement, and client engagement.

All of our customer service, IT support and software development specialists are based in the UK. You will never deal with an international call centre when you invest in Integrator Housing Solutions’ software.