Additional Products & Modules

notus pocket surveyor

Your cloud-based integrated Energy Efficiency Evaluation solution

Measure and manage your assets on the path to Net Zero.

This poweful module includes the Energy Efficiency Targeting Tool and Improvements Tool.

notus pocket surveyor

The ultimate survey module for mobile devices

Integrator Housing Solutions’ intelligent Notus Pocket Surveyor, a companion product to Integrator Plus, enables rapid data collection and access to the latest information on housing stock from a mobile device.

asbestos module

The versatile planning and tracking tool for servicing and compliance

Create custom projects for inspections and servicing focused on a specific business need. Whether risk assessment, mechanical and electrical, gas inspection or any other area, the Servicing and Compliance Module will let you plan, schedule and track your progress across the organisation.

asbestos module

The easy-to-use asbestos status tracker

Enables you to record and track the asbestos status and removals across your housing stock, providing you with quick access to the information you care about