Servicing Toolkit

The versatile planning and tracking tool for servicing

Create custom projects for inspections and servicing focused on a specific business need. Whether risk assessment, mechanical and electrical, gas inspection or any other area, the Servicing Toolkit will let you plan, schedule and track your progress across the organisation.


  • Schedule regular inspections for each project element in bulk, and track the resultant actions
  • Assign tasks to staff and include deadlines via the dedicated workflows system
  • See the history of tasks for a specific project, asset or project element
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  • Create unlimited activity types
    (fire risk, legionella, lift servicing, etc.)
  • Select a specific set of properties to be covered by each project
  • Create custom project elements for inspection, or include existing stock condition components


  • See all outstanding and upcoming tasks in one place
  • View all inspections and works required per property
  • Raise automatic notifications for upcoming tasks in-system and via email
  • Import the results of inspections and actions in bulk from spreadsheet

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