Servicing & Compliance

Integrator’s Servicing & Compliance Module can cover all your important compliance issues for statutory regulations, as well as M&E and all standard servicing/inspection requirements for which housing managers need to keep detailed records.The module enables users to proactively monitor in buildings any type of equipment or activity that requires regular service visits, inspections or risk assessments, for example:

Inspection and Servicing of Lifts

Fire Alarms

Door Entry Systems

Fire Risk Assessments

Legionella Risk Assessments

Electrical Safety & Gas Inspections

Customisable to fit your needs

Nominal inspection schedules can be easily configured by contract and building for any number of components to be inspected and optionally serviced. Actual inspection dates and outcomes are then recorded against these over time. For external contracts, bulk updates can be imported from files submitted by contractors. Any number of user-defined data items can be configured for components to accommodate additional data requirements.

Enhances your workflow

Compliance issues and recommended remedial actions arising from inspections can be recorded, with automatic email notification to appointed task managers. This is particularly relevant to risk assessments e.g. fire and legionella. Flexible reporting then allows the efficient tracking of completed and outstanding actions required to resolve compliance issues. Other reports also show summaries and details of inspections due, completed, overdue etc.

Easy management
and record-keeping

Any number of actions, compliance issues, document and image links can be recorded at contract, building, component and inspection level and are easily accessed via dashboard-style screens. The module provides a complete audit trail of inspections and servicing carried out and is strongly focussed on the efficient management of remedial actions that arise from inspections.

With Asbestos, Decent Homes, HHSRS, RDSAP 2012, EPCs and EESSH/SHQS all covered in the main Integrator application, this module provides a very comprehensive system to enable all housing directors and managers to comply with external legislation, internal standards and industry best practice.