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The Notus Pocket Surveyor application can be used by both internal and external surveyors – only the information assigned to that survey is made available on the device.

Notus Pocket Surveyors’ fully customisable survey routines can be configured using the drop down menus within Integrator which are then transferred onto the device for data entry.

Photos can be taken as part of the survey process and are stored against the relevant entry on the device. When completed surveys are sent back to Integrator, the photos remain attached.

Notus Pocket Surveyor is available to use on Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Integrator enables users to optimise the planning of maintenance work to match budgetary constraints. It does this by allowing the user to evaluate different options and assign replacement work into ‘programme years’ – rather than match the replacement intervals produced by lifecycle and condition data.

Yes it can. From Integrator, you will be able to calculate and produce the reports/performance indicators needed to comply with DHS. Integrator can also receive stock condition surveys carried out on Android and iOS platforms by surveyors using its companion product, Notus PS.

Yes it can. Our current clients stock sizes range from 100 with some exceeding 30,000. There are no built-in limits on the portfolio size it can support.

At IHS, we have tailored our pricing to suit any budget, making this a viable solution for the smaller housing associations, as well as much larger organisations. The cost will vary depending on stock size, number of users, data migration and consultancy required at setup. To discuss how IHS can fit within your budget, please contact us today.

Asbestos Manager interacts with Integrator via two way synchronisation, controlled by Integrator. A copy of the organisation’s asbestos data is hosted on IHS web servers, where external surveyors can access this information. Synchronisation is carried out on demand by authorised Integrator users, so any updates submitted by the surveyors can be accepted or rejected as required.

Within Integrator’s companion product, Notus Pocket Surveyor, users have the option to create their own surveys in ‘custom survey design’ based on the survey data they require. This can, of course, include asbestos surveys data.

Online changes made to the IHS hosted portal by external contractors are downloaded to the live Integrator database on demand via the Integrator interface. Authorised users are able to browse potential updates and accept or reject the changes as required.

External contractors, will have access to your company asbestos portal, which is a basic read-only representation of the property data held within Integrator. The contractor will not have access to your live data and any surveys they carry out on your stock will be submitted back to your company portal.

When Asbestos Manager was first developed, HSG264 legislation compliance was embedded into the framework of the software, to ensure landlords are able to remain fully compliant whilst using Asbestos Manager to manage their stock.