Next generation web-based asset management software.

It’s time to take control of your housing assets.

Whether it’s management of ongoing spend, a register of all assets and building components or maintaining compliance with government standards, Integrator allows you to streamline, automate and understand all of your asset information from one powerful application.

With a growing library of in-depth tools, a detailed reporting suite and extremely competitive pricing,Integrator Housing Solutions can take the hassle out of asset management and compliance. Integrator+ web-based asset management offers an extra layer of empowerment across your business and reducing your IT spend.

Integrator+ gives you control of your data – anytime, anywhere.

Solutions for the modern housing asset professional

Your data – anytime, anywhere.

Secure connection from any machine with web access. Integrator+ runs straight from a standard browser, with no 3rd-party plugins required.

Modern, intuitive interface

Clean and easy-to-navigate – it’s never been easier to find your way around your asset register.

Highly configurable

Create your own fields, define data sets and configure settings across the system to match your organisation’s processes.

Custom modules

Build your perfect system with separate purpose-built modules that bolt-on to your existing license.Click edit button to change this text.

Legislative compliance

Purpose-built modules for government standards, to easily maintain compliance across your stock.

Stock condition components

Manage component lifecycles and costs over time, with different customisable component templates per asset type.

Easy search & filtering

Instant search across your whole asset register using multiple criteria. Save asset filters based on specific assets or configurable sets of conditions.

Multi-tier asset hierarchy

Unlimited amount of custom asset types, allowing chains of parent/child relationships.

Executive reporting suite

Customisable reports for analysis of key data, with spreadsheet and graphical outputs.

Energy efficiency features

Import RdSAP data and EPCs for data analysis and easy filing. Full accessible history of older imported surveys.

Replacement policies

Design replacement policies for component upgrades, to automatically account for the installation of different components at next renewal.

Component scenarios

Create separate component replacement scenarios with specific lifecycles and costs, for easy planning.

Mobile surveying

Manage mobile surveys for on-site data collection. Seamless integration with our Notus Pocket Surveyormobile software.

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