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Decarbonise your Housing Stock – 4 Powerful Features of our Integrator Plus Energy Toolkit

In the race towards achieving carbon neutrality, the housing sector plays a pivotal role.

As we navigate the challenges of decarbonisation, Social Housing Providers face a unique set of obstacles. From budget constraints to ensuring equitable access to clean energy solutions, the journey towards a greener future demands innovative tools and strategies.

Enter the Integrator Plus Energy Toolkit, a cloud-based software module designed to streamline the decarbonisation process for Social Housing Providers.

With its array of features tailored to the specific needs of the sector, this toolkit offers a comprehensive solution to empower the transition towards sustainable housing stock.

Here are four key features that make it an essential tool in the decarbonisation of your housing stock:

1. RdSAP Government Approved Calculation Engine

Accuracy is paramount in the realm of energy efficiency. The Integrator Plus Energy Toolkit features a government-approved RdSAP calculation engine to ensure precise assessments of the energy performance of housing stock. By adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements, this engine provides Social Housing Providers with reliable data to inform their decarbonisation strategies, paving the way for targeted interventions that deliver measurable results.

2. Energy Efficiency Targeting Tool 

One of the biggest hurdles in decarbonisation efforts is knowing where to start. The Energy Efficiency Targeting Tool addresses this challenge by leveraging existing data to pinpoint the necessary improvement measures required to achieve specific SAP targets across your housing stock. By providing insights into the most cost-effective pathways to enhance energy efficiency, this tool enables Social Housing Providers to make informed decisions that maximise impact while minimising costs.

energy efficiency targeting tool screenshot

3. Energy Efficiency Improvements Tool

Evaluation is key to success. The Energy Efficiency Improvements Tool empowers Social Housing Providers to assess the efficacy of their proposed improvement measures. Whether it’s installing roof insulation or upgrading heating systems, this tool allows users to simulate different improvement scenarios and visualize the before-and-after results. By offering a non-destructive way to gauge the potential impact of retrofitting measures, this tool facilitates data-driven decision-making, ensuring that every investment yields tangible benefits in terms of energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Energy Efficiency Improvements tool screenshot

4. Energy Output Report

At the heart of the Integrator Plus Energy Toolkit lies the Energy Output Report, a comprehensive analysis that provides crucial insights into the energy performance of housing stock. This report encompasses vital metrics such as heat demand per square meter, a figure essential for retrofitters to optimize their interventions effectively. By offering a detailed overview of energy consumption patterns and inefficiencies, this report serves as a roadmap for targeted interventions, enabling Social Housing Providers to prioritise resources where they are most needed.


In light of recent developments, such as the ‘No home left behind’ funding report in Scotland, it’s evident that the transition to clean heating and improved energy efficiency requires concerted action and targeted support. The findings of the SFHA, IPPR, and Oxfam report underscore the importance of ensuring that the transition benefits low-income and vulnerable households, while also mitigating the risk of exacerbating existing inequalities.

As discussions around the Heat in Buildings and Social Housing Net Zero Standard (SHNZS) consultations gain momentum, tools like the Integrator Plus Energy Toolkit emerge as indispensable assets in the quest for equitable and sustainable decarbonisation. By equipping Social Housing Providers with the insights and capabilities needed to navigate the complexities of the transition, this toolkit lays the foundation for a future where every home contributes to a cleaner, greener world.


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