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Housing Associations: demonstrate your compliance progress

Social housing rents are to be capped at a 7% increase in 2023/24, as announced in the Autumn Statement on 17th November 2022, rather than the projected market increase rate of 11+%.

For Housing Providers this will represent an additional squeeze when they are already dealing with the pressures of improvements on the journey to reduced carbon emissions, meeting the necessary standards, and increasing costs of raw materials combined with the challenge of hard-to-find skilled labour.

Housing Associations, of course, also recognise that this capped increase will still represent real difficulties for tenants who are squeezed by cost-of-living increases, including inflation and energy bills.

Housing Associations – facing many pressures

The pressure is on with deadlines, including the government’s ambition to ensure halving the number of ‘non-decent’ rented homes by 2030 is met. As well as this, there is of course the pressure to meet decarbonisation targets.

To meet the challenge, step one is understanding the current housing stock situation and really getting to grips with the data.

Put monies to best use

All Housing Associations are on restricted budgets and must spend monies carefully.

Those who have been successful in bidding for grants from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, will be notified in the early part of 2023 when they will be able to plan how best to use the funding to improve the energy performance of the homes they manage.

Demonstrate your compliance

Demonstrating that plans for housing maintenance and repair are in place, that housing quality is being improved, and that steps are being taken to ensure that minimum EPC levels will be met, is essential.

An asset management system such as Integrator Housing Systems’ cloud-based Integrator Plus’ can really help you get there!

And the Energy Toolkit module can show what improvements measures are necessary to achieve specific SAP targets across your stock and at what cost, as well as allow you to evaluate your own measures for specific improvement scenarios – applying roof insulation for instance. You can also view the before and after results!

Increase your chance of winning bid monies

Integrator Housing Solutions’ cloud-based asset management software ‘Integrator Plus’ together with its Energy Efficiency Evaluation module, are invaluable when completing bid tenders.

Find out more in our blog Maximise your chances of successful bids for Housing Association upgrades and retrofit funds’. 

Next Steps

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